Every year we look forward to Google’s Zeitgeist: Year In Review. A video report which takes us on a trip down the entire year’s memory lane. In 2014 Alzheimer Netherlands created its own Zeitgeist and launched this just before Google did. People thought they would be watching Google’s Zeitgeist, but instead they experienced the same confusion people with Alzheimer’s disease deal with on a daily base.

The film


Lots of people experienced the confusion. So did the UK daily The Telegraph. The latter even reported that Google’s Zeitgeist video has a surprising twist. Media channels picked up the video across the world, making it the number one result for #YearInSearch on the day Google launched the real Zeitgeist video.

"Google’s Zeitgeist 2014 video has surprising twist.” - The Telegraph

"Diesen Jahresrückblick werden Sie nicht vergessen” - Bild

"Faux 2014 year in review video raises awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease” - ABC News


Creating a Zeitgeist 2014 Youtube channel to launch our video increased its credibility and virality. By adding the official Google Zeitgeist 2014 hashtag we made sure our video was also found by people specifically looking for the real Google Zeitgeist. This way our message has been viewed and shared millions of times. Without any media budget.


Via posts on news sites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter about the video we reached tens of millions of people. This PR represents an estimated media value of € 500.000,-.

And so, at the end of 2014, we managed to turn an eagerly anticipated moment of reflection into a moment of attention for Alzheimer’s disease.