Who is Notasso

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Samsung Netherlands

About the campaign
The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most ingenious smartphones currently on the market. A Smartphone and tablet in one, it has a special USP: you can actually create with it! To let Samsung fans – and potential fans – experience this themselves, we came up with the idea of ‘Notasso’: a mysterious Spanish street artist who creates art with the help of his Galaxy Note.

In a mini-documentary, viewers get a glimpse into Notasso’s life and the creative process behind his art. What was especially unusual, however, is that at the end of the documentary, Notasso asked the viewers if they wanted him to create a work of art based upon their own Facebook photos. The results were widely shared, so that the Spanish artist spread like a virtual oil stain over the Dutch Facebook pages.

Before the campaign kicked off, we wanted to stimulate the target group’s curiosity and make Notasso as real and plausible as possible. We did this in the lead-up to the campaign by sending anonymous posters of personal artwork to online influentials. They reacted very enthusiastically, and shared the artwork with the question: “Who is this artist”? Their readers then started searching, and ended up finding Notasso on Samsung’s Facebook page, where many let ‘the artist’ make a personal piece of art for them as well.