The Alzheimer's Event

The idea

The Dutch Alzheimer’s Foundation wants to mobilize more and younger people in the fight against dementia, people for whom the disease is more remote. To do so we created a Facebook campaign that used friend’s photos to allow people to experience what it’s like to have Alzheimer’s disease. During the campaign, people were tagged in photos of events that never took place. A photo would appear on their timeline, in which they could see themselves at an event that they knew they had never attended. This personal confusing experience brought the problem very closeby.

The Project

1. We asked people to upload an image of a friend on our website


We worked closely together with a team of image manipulators to edit the images of people. To make the project as credible as possible, we teamed up with existing organizations such as an Amsterdam Food Festival, a Film Festival and the biggest music event organizers in the Netherlands. They contributed selflessly by hosting the non-existent events on their Facebook profile and making photos available to us.


Selection of people

Check out the before and after imagery to get a sense of how the campaign worked.

The site

We build a responsive HTML 5 website. Where both, mobile and desktop visitors, could participate.


There was no bought media, we exclusively used the power of social media and PR for this campaign. The message and participation worked like an oil slick. To kick off the campaign, a group of 100 Dutch influentials were selected and tagged in photo's. Through their shares and comments on Facebook we created awareness for the campaign. Subsequently we asked this network to get involved in the campaign as well. With success.

The impact

By using Facebook functionalities like photo's and tagging we incorporated the problem in the daily social media lives of young people. As a friend tagged you, the message was brought in a very personal and therefore impactful way. Many people passed the message around and made the effort to send in images so also their friends could experience 'the Alzheimer's effect'.

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An estimated 220.000 people experienced the Alzheimer Event directly or via a tagged friend. We reached 2.450.000 people only via blogs, news sites and Twitter.

Currently more than 5000 people visited the website. Over 25%of all visitors has sent in images.