Platform of Love

In anticipation of this year’s Valentine’s Day, Dutch Railways decided to give Cupid a helping hand, introducing ‘The Platform of Love’. At two different train stations, Utrecht and Haarlem, we placed life-size interactive screens, which were connected through a live stream. When both sides confirmed a mutual spark, they were invited to take the train and go on a romantic date in the Royal Waiting Room at Amsterdam Central Station. Normally not accessible to the public.

Live event

Singles were connected through interactive screens, via which they could instantly show each other if they liked each other or not. In this way, we created a playful environment for people to make a connection, using the same principles as well-known dating apps. Which made it fun, exciting and romantic. Not only for the ones who participated, but also for the spectators.

Tribute to Love

Trains are ideal for flirting. We all know that. But many travellers don’t dare to take the extra step. Through this Valentine installation, we want to show how much fun it is to connect with fellow passengers. How attractive do people from Haarlem and Utrecht find each other? Which matches surprise you?
On Valentine’s Day, Dutch Railways released their tribute to love in a video on social media, spreading the love both nationally and internationally.

Design installation

When there was a match, the couple was invited to the most lovely spot in Amsterdam CS: the Royal Waiting Room. Every wall tells his own story, designed in detail. Since the installation is built with ‘cold’ tech from nowadays, we added some warmth to the installation itself. Inspired by The Royal Waiting Room and its 16th century paintings.The frames were designed and built up layer by layer using 2d laser wood cutting. So this is where the on- and offline worlds meet and the frames tell their own love story.

PR / Results

400 singles contributed to the Platform of Love and for 30 couples the spark was there. National media quickly picked up on the live event, which resulted in more than 60 earned media placements, e.g. a prime time feature on 3FM radio and Radio 538, the front page of Metro newspaper and various articles on sites of De Telegraaf, AD, NRC, and RTLnieuws. Total earned impressions: over 2.7 million. Paid: 3.6 million. Over 95% of all the publications about the event were positive. And so Dutch Railways not only ‘claimed’ this year’s Valentine’s Day, but also the Dutch people embraced them, if only for this particular day.