The idea

KPN’s EU weekly bundle lets you use the internet on your winter sports holiday. But how do you share your winter sports moments when you’re wearing thick gloves? By using the NosePost app. It’s a handy app that lets you use your nose instead of your fingers to post photos. It uses a larger interface so you can operate the smartphone with your nose.

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How does the app work?



The campaign

A seeding film and pre-rolls are used to explain the problem and lead people to the App and Google Play Store. People could already get in a bit of practice in the mobile banners that could be operated using your nose. The app was picked up by various news sites and winter sports blogs instantly after the launch and made it into the top-5 in the App Store.





The app has an interface that has been specially designed to let you operate your phone with your nose. The design and the various nose animations reinforce the funny side of the app.
The sound design also adds to the experience - from the self-timer’s sneezing countdown to the nose’s snoring (sleep mode) if you don’t touch home on your screen for a while. The campaign focus is on winter sports holidays. That’s why NosePost has been designed totally in snow and ice style – without losing sight of KPN’s visual identity.




The NosePost campaign was very successful. Besides the positive sentiment and the many reactions, likes, shares, posts and views on Facebook and Twitter, the app was picked up by 92 different media titles globally. Which led to a staggering uplift in sales of +44%.