The idea

There’s always massive interest in the new iPhone every year. But this year the technical innovations were overshadowed by the size of the device. The new iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t fit in your pocket and there’s a chance it will bend if you sit down. #bendgate unleashed panic among iPhone fans. Brands rushed to tie in on #bendgate, but KPN presented the solution on release day. People waiting in the queue at the Apple store could have a mobile tailor enlarge their pocket to Pocket Plus so that the new iPhone’s size no longer mattered. This is how KPN became top of mind during the iPhone 6 release.


The promotion became national news within an hour and was then quickly picked up by the international media as well. The promotion was even copied to the letter by a Chinese telecom provider when the iPhone 6 was released there. The film of the promotion quickly went viral. There were already hundreds of different referrals to the video after a couple of days. The video was shared extensively on personal social media channels via these sites and blogs. This is how we were able to reach millions of people in just one week.