The Idea

After years of hard work, all builders, painters, engineers, plumbers, gardeners etc. have earned a bonus. But they have to be able to prove that they have worked hard. An online scan of their hands spots signs of heavy labour – cuts, blisters, calluses and bruised thumbs. This entitles the tradesman to a ‘heavy labour discount’ of up to € 9,000 on the luxury Mercedes-Benz Vito Edition.

The Campaign

Via the campaign site the tradesmen can have their hands scanned. They follow a few simple steps and quickly find out if they are entitled to a discount. If the tradesman has worked hard, he gets to see his work in an inspiring video.


Tradesmen can have their working hand scanned via the webcam. The webcam reads all the grooves, calluses and bruised thumbs and on the basis of black and white contrasts determines if they qualify for a discount.


The scan comprises two edits. If the user has a positive result, then a video is shown highlighting heavy labour. As if all his hard work over the years is literally being read from his hand. But if no signs of heavy work can be detected, then there is a video showing rather less industrious images.


Two worlds are combined on the high-tech looking site – the premium feel of Mercedez-Benz and the iconic world of hard physical labour. The flat design emanates from the scan circle which reappears in different elements on the site. The full page video emphasizes hard physical labour and establishes the tough workman character.


In addition to traditional media such as radio and billboards, online resources were used to generate traffic to the promotional site. We pinpointed the target group via richmedia banners on trade websites; and through retargeting we let visitors to the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle site know about the promotion. The teaser, narrow casting by the dealers and Facebook advertising were also used, and an E-DM was sent.

Watch the teaser