The Idea

To demonstrate and prove how economic and efficient the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is we created a unique two-day live stream experiment. In this experiment we let the new Sprinter compete with different opponents, which are all about ‘endurance’; tools and objects the audience knows and uses daily. Which opponent would be the last one standing in a thrilling competition between machines?

Campaign Phase 1

Prior to the experiment’s launch the audience was asked to predict the endurance of the opponents e.g. a construction lamp, a drill and the - icon of endurance - Duracell Bunny. The price to be won: One year of driving in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for free.

Campaign Phase 2

Through a live stream people could follow the actual endurance status of the various opponents. Participants of the competition were updated each time a machine dropped out.


Through TVC, DM and social media we created awareness and asked people to make their predictions for this experiment on a smart HTML site. We used social media to update people on the status of the experiment and create traffic to the stream.

All devices

As our audience is the owner of small and medium-sized enterprises and not particularly the 'office' – and 'behind the desktop' – type, the Fuel Duel Challenge could be played and viewed through all devices.


The Sprinter still has one stripe left on the dashboard.
He’s driven more than 1225 km during the 36-hour challenge.  

There are more than 1500 entries. That’s a lot for this target group.
And even more people were curious to see how it would turn out.  

There was a lot of talk about the experiment on social media.
As a result over 30.000 people visited the live experiment.  

The most remarkable thing were the requested test drives.
In 3 weeks we reached the amount we normally receive in a year.