For the Dutch youth, the bicycle is the number one form of transportation. They also check Facebook or send text messages while cycling. And that of course can be quite hazardous. Smartphone use plays a role in 1 in 5 cycling accidents involving young people. This results in hundreds of youngsters getting injured each year.

The Bike Mode app encourages young cyclists to ride safely. We offer youngsters incentives that reward them for not using their phones when they are on their bikes.

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Gamification of the App

By applying some gamification principles, we encourage users of the app to continue using it. For example, there are different levels: after each ride users see their status by means of a progress bar, there is a maximum day score so you have to use the app for several days in order to complete a level and rewards are linked to each level.

The campaign

Through mobile advertising (banners, Facebook and YouTube pre-roll) traffic was generated to the Apple App Store and Google Play with just one swipe. In addition, school boards and display banners were put in secondary schools for greater exposure.



During the campaign period there were numerous reports about Bike Mode - on national radio and television, on online news sites and over 2.100 reports on blogs and Twitter. Peaks in PR are coupled with increases in the number of downloads of the app.


The look and feel is contemporary and fresh, without being 'schoolish' or too youthful. A quirky bike is the key visual that guides users through the functionality of the app.

Diversity in illustrations

Bike Mode on

Hurray, well done


Score & achievements

All elements, from the prizes you can win to the social share, are built out of the illustrative style to form a complete whole.


The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the telecom operators KPN, T-Mobile, UPC, Vodafone and Ziggo want the use of Smartphones to go hand-in-hand with traffic safety. Therefore, they will work closely with the campaign "Attention on the road” in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The first accomplishment of this collaboration is the launch of the Bike Mode app.